Insight: when it comes to hiring top talent, faster is better

How long does your hiring process last? According to Fast Company, a common mistake most companies make is to take it nice and slow. The result? They miss out when top talent gets an offer from somebody else, first.

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How much do you make?

Most people like to keep their finances to themselves, especially when it comes to take-home pay. What’s great about this series of articles from the New York Times is that it paints a detailed, accurate picture of the typical small business owner: a smart, hard-working person who struggles to keep his business growing while trying [...]

The 7 stages of small business success

From Infusionsoft

The dirty, little secret to smarter growth?

According to Inc., the key to growth for a lot of companies is to narrow their focus instead of expanding it. We’ve seen this as well. Why does this work?

Small entrepreneurial companies need to adapt to their customer needs, adjusting their business model accordingly to grow revenue. But once [they've] built a successful company, [they've] also likely [...]

Insights: Health insurance tips

Nothing seems to cause more headaches than employee healthcare coverage. If you’re trying to decide what to do, consider these five questions posed in a recent Los Angeles Times article.

1. Consider the nature of your business.
2. Don’t forget about the tax benefits of providing healthcare.
3. Keep in mind what your employees want.
4. Remember subsidies when [...]

When an employee says “I’m leaving.” Should you counter or not?

When good employees quit, it’s tempting to try to make them stay. But is it a good idea? This article makes a good case for saying “Goodbye and good luck.”

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Five questions every company should ask

In working with small to mid-size companies, one of the most surprising things is how infrequently they stop to re-assess their situation. These five questions are a good way to shake things up and gain a little perspective:

1. What is our company’s purpose on this earth?

2. What should we stop doing?

3. If we didn’t have [...]

Insights: why employees are unhappy

From Inc.

News: Economic Forecast 2013


The first half of 2013 is expected to be sluggish as government spending cuts dampen growth and a payroll tax increase crimps consumer spending. Those surveyed expect the economy to grow at less than a 2% annual rate the first six months of 2013.